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Oktober 2017

Size 36
Panjang : 22.5 cm
Size 37
Panjang : 23 cm
Size 38
Panjang : 23.5 cm
Size 39
Panjang : 24 cm
Size 40
Panjang : 24.5 cm


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Line : @tamanaraid

MAIL: tamanaraid@gmail.com


Tamanara as Vendor

Lately we accepted some order to become a shoe vendor from some boutique or shop outside Bandung. Some of them are in Yogyakarta and Surabaya, are you a resident there クレヨン デコメ絵文字

We’re looking for you who want to ask or order in a big quantities. As vendor, we’ll definitely give the best price for you クレヨン のデコメ絵文字